The Ingeniosas Summit 2017 will be held on November 8 and 9, and pursues to share the experiences of international experts with national organizations to create STEM vocations in girls, adolescents and women. It is celebrated as a satellite activity of Gender Summit 12 and will be attended by three international guests experts in education, research, inspiration and entrepreneurship in girls and young women in the STEM areas, in addition to the participation of more than 15 public and private expert institutions in the matter.

The Ingeniosas program, with the support of ComunidadMujer, the Embassy of the United States in Chile and Gender Summit 12, seeks to broaden the national outlook and increase vocations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in girls and adolescents in the country. In this line, the Ingeniosas Summit marks a milestone in terms of the collaboration of experts from the United States who will come to share their experience and methodologies with various organizations whose mission is to insert women and/or minorities in the STEM areas.

The summit will feature guests like Kate Brodock, CEO of Women 2.0; Jazlyn L. Carvajal, co-founder of Latinas in STEM; and Eileen Kahn, consultant in education and technology. All of them will share their stories with national organizations that are experts in the field.

On Thursday, November 9 at 5:00 pm, an activity open to all public will be held with Kate Brodock at Fundación Telefónica. Do not miss it and register here.

The activity will be one of the satellite events of Gender Summit 12 in Science, Technology and Innovation for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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