With the aim of encouraging curiosity about technology and providing tools in the area of computer science to girls and boys, as a satellite activity in the framework of the Gender Summit 12 organized by CONICYT, two programming workshops will be held in schools in Santiago and Quinta Normal next Thursday, November 9.

Both instances are promoted by CONICYT in collaboration with Girls in Tech, Innovacien, Red Enlaces (Ministry of Education) and the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) of the University of Chile.

The first workshop will be held at Insigne Gabriela School of Quinta Normal and consists of an HTML language session for 20 girls of the sixth grade, taught by Girls in Tech and Innovacien.

At the same time, the Scratch workshop, a programming tool for children, will be held at the Santiago Apóstol Special School for Deaf Children, located in the district of Santiago. The activity will be directed by Nancy Hitschfeld, academic of the Department of Computer Science of the FCFM, together with university students volunteers.

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